Steering Committee

Several members of the L2 committee at a bar-built estuary in Southern California

California’s Wetland and Riparian Area Monitoring program (WRAMP) promotes the use of rapid assessment (EPA Level 2) monitoring tools to assess the condition of wetlands and riparian areas throughout the State. Rapid Assessment Methods (RAMs) use cost‐effective, field‐based diagnostic tools to answer questions about general wetland condition. In 2010, the California Water Quality Monitoring Council (CWQMC) directed the California Wetland Monitoring Workgroup (CWMW) to create a Level 2 (Rapid Assessment) Committee to coordinate the review, development and implementation of rapid assessment tools for all state agencies. This committee functions under the CWMW Charter for the purposes of:

  • Assisting the CWMW reach its stated goals and acting on CWMW recommendations;
  • Supporting the broader goals of the California Water Quality Monitoring Council;
  • Supporting the State Wetland and Riparian Area Protection Policy (WRAPP);
  • Supporting additional efforts as identified or assigned by the CWMW.

Steering Committee Documents

Title Description Resource(s)
Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities Roles & Responsibilities of the Level 2 Assessment Committee of the California Wetland Monitoring Workgroup

Steering Committee Members

First Name Last Name E-mail
Cara Clark [email protected]
Chad Roberts [email protected]
Christopher Solek [email protected]
Clifford Harvey [email protected]
Cristina Grosso [email protected]
Eric Stein [email protected]
Glenn Sibbald [email protected]
Jennifer Siu [email protected]
Josh Collins [email protected]
Kevin O'Connor [email protected]
Kevin Lunde [email protected]
Lindsay Teunis [email protected]
Melissa Scianni [email protected]
Michelle Stevens [email protected]
Rebecca Payne [email protected]
Richard Beck [email protected]
Ross Clark [email protected]
Sarah Pearce [email protected]

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